SERIES 02_GARMENT DYED DYNEEMA® is a reversible jacket made in the strongest and most durable lightweight fiber in the world. The result is a super light yet extremely tough Dyneema® flexible composite fabric with increased tear, puncture and abrasion resistance. STONE ISLAND has engineered a ready-to-dye version by bonding it to an exclusive performance membrane with an ultra-light nylon tela backing. The garments are cut and sewn, and the seams are entirely sealed by hand with Dyneema® re-enforced tape.
Before the garment dyeing procedure the jackets have to rest one week to allow the correct polymerization of the tape. One side shows the Dyneema® face, the other side shows the ultra-light nylon tela which takes the dye color along with all the other nylon components of the piece. The fold-away hood in the stand up collar can be worn on either side as well. The high level of artisanship involved in the process makes each garment unique and unrepeatable.
The limited edition jackets – 2 series of 50 pieces – are then garment dyed with 50 color recipes in the STONE ISLAND Color Laboratory.

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