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The initial objective in the development of the Stone Island House Check was to integrate the compass within the horizontal and vertical lines of a plaid pattern. This meant creating an intricate structure for the weave. As a result we decided to weave the pattern through a rare antique Jacquard Dobbcross fly shuttle loom, this allowed the structure to be woven at a slower pace allowing the loom to work with a delicate touch to coupe with the complexity of the design.
The pattern was woven as a double cloth, this meant interlacing two fabrics and weaving them at the same time. The compass part of the design was done on the under layer of the cloth and then pulled through the face of the fabric.
The end result was unexpected; the looms interpretation of the design gave emphasis to the reverse of the fabric in which the compass was laid out in a grid format (without the plaid background). The looms interpretation gave clarity to our initial creative vision. This interpretation became the grounding for the check pattern. From this point forward we worked on fine tuning the design and cloth.





Since 1842 Dormeuil is one of the world’s finest manufactures of specialist fine worsted menswear suiting, jacketing and coating fabrics. Using the finest micro wools, 100% cashmere and wools blended with natural and noble fibres such as vicuna and silk. They have developed timeless and iconic fabrics that have cemented the company reputation across all five continents.
All of Dormeuil fabrics are produced in Huddersfield, England. Huddersfield has been synonymous with its fine woollen and worsted cloth manufacturing since the early 19th century with its craftsman passing down their skills from one generation to the next.
































Camouflage motif cotton/polyamide jacquard fabric, plated with dark resin. Garment over dyed.
DPM JACQUARD PLATED: The complexity and the resolution achievable with today’s advanced jacquard looms are the physical reflection of the digital age. Garment dyeing captures both high definition contrasts and subtle tonal shades for a multi-layer effect. The fabric surface is entirely plated with black resins. The result is a dimmed effect on the outside while the DPM motif expresses its complex tonal shades on the inside. A special agent was added to the dyeing bath for an anti-drop effect.






GARMENT DYED PIXEL REFLECTIVE: Stone Island’s research introduces garment dyeing on reflective fabrics. The landmark iridescent Nylon Metal fabric is printed with a resin substance containing thousands of glass microspheres. The garment dyeing procedure lends extraordinary colours to the textile base while the Pixel Reflective printing provides it with a strong capacity to reflect even the weakest light sources. A special agent was added to the dyeing bath for an anti-drop effect.





44537 WATER REPELLENT WOOL: 100% naturally water repellent wool. The specific fibre processing allowing increased yarn contractility and the ultra-tight compact density weaving with high temperature finishing make the fabric windproof, breathable and water repellent without the need of chemicals, coating or lamination techniques.